Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production

At present, you can find many kinds of fertilizer in the market, such as organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, bulk blending fertilizer and so on. With the farmer’ demand for fertilizer, bulk blending fertilizer production becoming more and more popular. And there are many countries which produce this kind of fertilizer in a large scale. We know there are 8000 bulk blending fertilizer plants in USA. The reason for the popularity of bulk blending fertilizers is the high fertility of BB fertilizers. For example, the nutrient of compound fertilizer is 25%. While the BB fertilizer is 52%. In addition, if you want to get bulk blending fertilizer, you only need three BB fertilizer production equipment. And according to your different requirements, we will help you design a reasonable installation project.

Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line
Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

How is bulk blending fertilizer made?

For getting bulk blending fertilizer, you only need three production processes. Compared with other fertilizer making process, bulk blending production process is the simplest. Here are the BB fertilizer production processes equipped with SEEC fertilizer BB fertilizer making machine.

  • At first, you need to prepare some inorganic fertilizer pellets in proportion. In order to achieve this goal, SEEC batching machine will be your good helper. Our batching equipment can help you mix raw materials according to the formula in the appropriate proportion. All you have to do is to set the suitable volume, then you can get the materials that you want to get.
  • Next step is to mix these bulk blending fertilizer pellets with BB fertilizer mixer. By using SEEC BB fertilizer mixing machine, these fertilizer pellets will be mixed uniformity. But you should control the material in a low moisture content.
  • Finally, packing the mixed fertilizer. In fact, after the process of mixing, then you can pack the granular fertilizer. In SEEC, we have BB fertilizer packing scale to pack the fertilizer granules.
20t Per Hour Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line
20t Per Hour Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

How can you make more efficient bulk blending fertilizer?

For getting high efficiency bulk blending fertilizer, you should be equipped with a complete BB fertilizer production line. As mentioned above, you can know our bulk blending fertilizer production line equipped with advanced fertilizer production equipment. And in the bb fertilizer production line, there has an important machine that can affect your fertilizer production efficiency. That is BB fertilizer blending machine.

With years of production experience, our BB fertilizer blending plant overcomes the mixture chromatography and distributaries caused by different proportion of raw material and particle size. That improves the accuracy of the dose. In addition, bulk blending fertilizer mixer solve the influence on system caused by material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure, cold weather etc. And SEEC fertilizer blending equipment still has the character of high precision, high speed and long service life. Therefore, if you want to get high efficiency bb fertilizer, it is necessary for you to choose a good fertilizer mixing machine.

Fertilizer Blending Machine Used in Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Plant
Fertilizer Blending Machine Used in Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Plant

What is the design and fabrication of BB fertilizer mixing machine?

As the main fertilizer making machine in the BB fertilizer production line, bulk blending mixer has many special designs. This will make it easier to make fertilizer.

  • With the automation equipment, automatic bb fertilizer blender mixer has higher precision and stable ingredients formula.
  • Ingredients stir fast. When the fertilizer material contact with air, not easy to absorb moisture in the air.
  • Special design can guarantee that the fertilizer mixer work in a more complex working condition. And it has the character of stable, accurate and high precision.
  • The control instrumentation in BB fertilizer mixing equipment has simple operation method. And it can be set at any time by the electronic control device to achieve automatic control.
Bulk blending fertilizer making equipment
Bulk blending fertilizer making equipment

How much will you spend for setting up a bulk blending fertilizer production line in your bulk blending fertilizer plant?

Generally speaking, a complete BB fertilizer production line include batching machine, mixing machine and packing machine. You should choose the suitable bulk blending fertilizer making machine for your fertilizer production line. SEEC will help you choose the right fertilizer machine model according to your different requirements. To be honest, different machine configuration have different price. At the same time, the cost of different complete set of bulk blending plant is not the same. That means the higher the configuration, the higher the price. We can give you some reasonable suggestions for you reference.

For example, if you have large-scale bulk fertilizer production plant, we will recommend you the machine with high production ability. In SEEC heavy industry, we have rotary drum mixer for you mix fertilizer pellets. This fertilizer mixing machine can meet your requirement. In addition, we still have BB fertilizer mixer for your small-scale bulk blending fertilizer production line. You can mix the fertilizer material evenly and thoroughly. Thus, if you want to find high-efficiency and affordable BB fertilizer production equipment, SEEC heavy industry technology will help you a lot.

BB fertilizer packing machine in ShunXin
BB fertilizer packing machine in ShunXin

What is the price of start a complete set of bulk blending fertilizer plant?

To be honest, there are many factors that can affect the bulking blending fertilizer plant price. So, we need to know the following information.

  • Your budget.
  • Site. To be honest, a factory near the city costs more than one near the country. Thus, we suggest you can choose the country or suburb as your BB fertilizer plant.
  • Fertilizer equipment. We know that the price of bulk blending production equipment is different in different fertilizer equipment plants. SEEC will provide the BB fertilizer production machine with an affordable price.
  • Raw material. Before you make BB fertilizer, you should prepare BB fertilizer production raw material first. And you need to find a reliable bulk blending fertilizer supplier.
  • Worker. The cost of worker is also the factor that affects bulk blending fertilizer plant cost.
BB Fertilizer Plant Batching Machine
BB Fertilizer Plant Batching Machine

Why our customer chooses SEEC bulk blending fertilizer production line equipped their fertilizer production plant?

  • SEEC as a fertilizer machinery manufacturer with over 30 years’ production experience. Except BB fertilizer production machine, we also produce other fertilizer production equipment.
  • In addition, we have professional team can give you correct advice and production methods. That can lead you to the right place.
  • More choices. In SEEC heavy industry technology, we provide bulk blending fertilizer with different capacity. For example, we not only can provide 8t/h fertilizer production line, but also can provide 30t/h fertilizer production line.
  • Customized service. We can provide customized service according to different requirements of customers. We will try our best to provide you with the best services and products.

Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line Complete BB Fertilizer Production Process

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