Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Plants

For building an organic fertilizer plant, you need to consider many factors, such as, place, equipment, technology, cost and workers. Because of these things, many customers from other country choose SEEC as their fertilizer facilities manufacturer and designer. Because SEEC always recommend our customers to do their local market research first. And for the first-time investors who are planning to set up fertilizer plant, then we will suggest them the most suitable organic fertilizer production project to build fertilizer plant. With over 30 years fertilizer equipment production experience, we find that small scale organic fertilizer plants are more suitable for most of our customers. Thus, next we will tell you some important information about building mini fertilizer plant.

Small scale organic fertilizer production line provided by SEEC
Small scale organic fertilizer production line provided by SEEC

How can you produce organic fertilizer in small quantities?

Some people already have small scale organic fertilizer plants, and they want to produce organic fertilizer in small quantities. Because the don’t have enough space to place the finished fertilizer. And most of them have limited budget.

To be honest, if you want to get small-scale organic fertilizer, you should have the small-scale organic fertilizer making machines first. According to our experience, we recommend you should have these organic fertilizer facilities, such as organic fertilizer solid-liquid separator machine, organic fertilizer compost making machine, fertilizer crusher, granulator for organic fertilizer, granular fertilizer screening machine, packing machine. With these organic fertilizer making facilities, then you can get the organic fertilizer in small quantities.

Mini chicken manure organic fertilizer production plant
Mini chicken manure organic fertilizer production plant

How many small organic manure production machines can be used to make organic fertilizer?

As mentioned above, for making organic fertilizer in your small scale fertilizer plant, you need to use small-scale organic fertilizer equipment as follows.

  • Organic fertilizer solid-liquid separator machine. Generally speaking, most of organic fertilizer raw material has many moistures. You need to use the fertilizer solid-liquid separator machine to handle the moisture. After the dehydration process, the moisture of fertilizer will drop to 30-40%.
  • Forklift type compost making machine. After the process of dehydration, then the second produce in organic fertilizer production is composting. Forklift type compost turner is our small-scale fertilizer making machine. It can be used in your mini organic fertilizer plant. It is also widely used in organic fertilizer composting system. This organic fertilizer composter machine can handle all kinds of organic fertilizer raw material, such as livestock poop, poultry manure, seaweed fertilizer, etc.
  • Fertilizer crusher. Because after the process of fermenting, there will have some block fertilizer. So, organic fertilizer crusher can convert block fertilizer into powdery fertilizer. In addition, SEEC fertilizer crusher has a wide application. It can crush many kinds of materials, such as straw, grass, stalk, bamboo, coconut shell, biomass shell and so on.
  • Granulator for making organic manure fertilizer pellets. If you want to get mini organic fertilizer granulator in your small-scale organic fertilizer plants. SEEC newly-designed fertilizer equipment-fertilizer granulation equipment will be your good choice. That can convert your powdery fertilizer into granular fertilizer.

Manure fertilizer pellets making machine
Manure fertilizer pellets making machine

Mini organic fertilizer disc pelletizer for sale

  • Model: SEECYZ-1800(can be customized)
  • Edge height(mm): 300
  • Rotary speed(r/min): 21
  • Motor power(kw): 3
  • Capacity(t/h): 0.8-1.2
  • Dimensions: 2060×1700×2130

Some small scale auxiliary equipment you need to use

  • Drying machine.
  • Cooling machine.
  • Rotary drum screening machine. After the process of granulating, some oversize and undersize organic fertilizer granules cannot be packed. Thus, you need to use rotary drum screening machine to screen it out, and put these organic fertilizer particles into the fertilizer pelletizer again.
  • Automatic organic fertilizer packing scale. The finished fertilizer pellets can be packed by using automatic organic fertilizer packing scale.
Small scale fertilizer production line
Small scale fertilizer production line

What do you need to do for assembling a small organic fertilizer factory?

  1. Conduct Detailed Research. Starting a small-scale organic fertilizer plant, it is important that you conduct detailed research in order to find out all it will take for you to be able to setup a mini organic fertilizer company.
  2. Write your business plan. Your organic fertilizer production business plan is a written business document that will guide you in setting up and running your business. It will contain various strategies that you intend to apply in operating your business. You should take it seriously.
  3. Buy suitable mini fertilizer production equipment. As noted above, we know the importance of fertilizer production equipment. So, you need to buy the small-scale fertilizer plants from a reliable fertilizer machine manufacturer. SEEC as the best fertilizer equipment maker in china, we will provide superior small fertilizer making machine for you.
  4. Source for supply of organic fertilizer raw materials. As we all know, for making organic fertilizer, you need to have organic fertilizer raw material for making organic fertilizer. Thus, you can negotiate with the management of abattoirs in order to freely collect animal matters, you can talk to poultry farmers to get the waste from birds.
Industrial small medium scale fertilizer equipment
Industrial small medium scale fertilizer equipment

How much does it cost to build a small-scale organic fertilizer plant?

In order to set up a small organic fertilizer plant, maybe you want to know the cost of building a small organic fertilizer plant. To be honest, the production cost of mini organic fertilizer plant will be affordable for investors. Because SEEC can help you make a reasonable fertilizer plant design. Before you build the fertilizer company, except for the cost of fertilizer equipment, the cost of raw material and input, utilities, maintenance and repair, labor direct, land least cost is should also be considered. If you want to know the specific cost, please kindly send your request to us. We will give you a clear quotation.

Manure fertilizer making process
Manure fertilizer making process

How can you start small scale organic fertilizer plant in your farm?

If you have a farm and want to build a small-scale organic fertilizer plant in your farm, we can give you some useful information.

  • Firstly, you need to consider the site. If you have a farm, you will not need to lease the place to build small fertilizer plant. That can help you save some money.
  • Secondly, you need to buy some organic fertilizer making machines to produce organic fertilizer. In fact, some farmers have bought the fertilizer equipment from us. Because they just want to apply the organic fertilizer into their farmland. And most of them don’t need to buy too many fertilizer making machines. If you’re in the same situation, you also don’t need to buy too many small scale fertilizer plants. The equipment you need to have are solid-liquid separator machine, compost turner and crusher. Compared with the complete fertilizer line, this powder fertilizer production line is more economic.
  • Thirdly, you’d better to have 2-3 workers to help you make organic fertilizer.

If you already prepare these, you can easily get organic fertilizer.

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